Hi everyone!

It’s Mashehu magazine!

For those of you who are subscribed and on our mailing list, we have an update for you! (And for those of you who aren’t subscribed, you can still subscribe today. :))

We are working very hard to get our third issue finished, but it requires a lot of hard work. Which means we could use some more hands on deck!

Who is willing to submit? It would help us very much. (Anyone from ages 8-17 can do it.) Here is a list of pages that we need submissions for, but you can really submit anything:


– Guess The Picture – 

This is a page where you can draw or take a photo of anything. (Usually the theme of each issue. In this case, Chanukkah or winter/fall.) Then, you can draw or take another photo of what you drew or took close up. Can YOU guess the picture?


– True Accounts –

This is a page where you can write any true story that happened to you or a family member!


– 30 Second Challenges –

Exactly what it sounds like! Any exercise or active activity to get your heart pumping. :)


– Photo Cover! –

Would YOU like to be on the cover of our third issue? Email us if you’d like to! You must be dressed modestly, or your photo will not be valid. It can be a group photo too, as long as everyone agrees for the photo to be public to Mashehu readers. Email us at mashehumagazine@gmail.com

That’s it for now! If anyone would like to submit anything else, kindly let us know.

More updates will be coming out soon, possibly in email.

We hope to send our 3rd issue out as soon as we can!

Have a great Channukah everyone! We hope to hear from you very soon.

Be the light in someone else’s darkness!

~Elisheva Resnick and Maital Ledder


For whoever is out there reading this, we know we may not be on track with sending our issues out all the time, but please know this: We do everything for you! We do our best to make all of our readers happy. We make a magazine for joy, we’re not trying to be professional or anything, we’re doing it for pure joy. We love when people enjoy what we create, and we especially love it when people share their own creativity. It’s a positive, nonjudgmental space. We try our best to get the magazine out on time, of course, but we’re not about that. We take our time, and send out a magazine that (we hope) everyone enjoys.

Love you, Mashehu readers!

Please reach out any time. We’re here for you.