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Hi, everyone! This is Elisheva Resnick and Maital Ledder! As some of you may know, we run an Jewish online magazine called Mashehu! Mashehu is a magazine by and for Jewish girls and teens, ages 8-16. Our goal is to inspire Jewish girls worldwide, to HAVE FUN, and to have something fun to read and contribute during this isolated time. Mashehu literally means "Something." Our motto is "Something For Every Jewish Girl!" and in Mashehu, there's something for everyone and no one is left out. ANYONE can participate no matter their background. Everyone is welcome. But... you may be asking: How can I subscribe, and is it free? How often does each issue come out? How is it sent? Do you advertise at all? Well, these questions will be answered! Yes, subscribing IS free! Simply email us at or fill out this form: Mashehu is a monthly magazine and usually comes out around Rosh Chodesh time. We send it out in PDF form, through email. Not only do you get to READ Mashehu, but you get to SUBMIT ANYTHING you'd like. Whether it's a story or poem, a recipe, a lesson, a drawing, we will try our hardest to put it into one of our future issues. How can YOU submit? You first just fill out a form, specifically filling out your personal information (and the information you don't mind being public to Mashehu readers) and what you would like to submit, and we will approve it! To submit your content, email us and we will Iy"H put it in a future issue. After all, what's the point of making a Jewish magazine if no one can submit anything, only read? That's why we're here. That's why we can't make this magazine without YOU! Without YOU, without your submissions (and support!) we would not be able to come this far because... we would have no content, no pages filled with YOUR work! 🙂 We can't wait for you to join us as our family grows.
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