By Sara Leah Nachimson

This article first appear in issue #10- Winter 2006/07

Ayelet is a kosher comedian who performs at events for Jewish girls and women. She also sells her comedy CDs, writes songs and articles, does voice over, public-speaking coaching and more! YALDAH interviewed her about what it’s like to be a “kosher komic”.


What made you interested in comedy?

People always told me I was funny. But I had “stage fright” and didn’t want to try doing professional comedy… then I realized that I needed the courage just to get up and do it, and I did. And I realized that not only was it no big deal, but it was a lot of fun, and Baruch Hashem I was really good at it too!


Were you always “class clown?” What’s your funniest school memory?

I was always funny and yes, the class clown. I used to write little songs for my teachers. My funniest school memory was when my social studies teacher said to me, “Ayelet, if I would lock you in a closet, you’d just keep on talking”… meaning, he just was telling me to try and be quiet for a while!!!


When did you start being in the show business?

As a teenager. I knew it was the only thing for me, and I wanted to start young.


Were/are you nervous when you get on stage?

I love being on stage! I get a drop nervous right before I go on, but after that it’s just pure fun.


How do you create a comedy routine? How long does it take? Where do you get your ideas from?

My friends and family and I all come up with great comedy ideas. Then I take them and make them into funny long routines. Anything can spark a creative idea. Routines take a while to develop and get really funny.


Who is your role model?

My Rebbetzin, Devorah Green from Bircas HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem. She is a fun, spunky, talented, creative mother and grandmother who also writes, produces and directs plays each year for frum women. She is the type who proves to all of us frum girls that we can really have it all. She can cook for Shabbos for 60 people, make jewelry, baby-sit her grandkids, and still have time to go to lessons to play the harp and then also write a play to give women the chance to be in a great production for women.


Have you ever gone somewhere and heard your CD playing?

I have heard from friends that they know kids all around the world who know my CD by heart!


What does your family think of your new career?

My family is extremely supportive, thank G-d!


What types of events do you perform at?

Rosh Chodesh events, shul functions, Melava Malkas, fund-raisers, school events, women’s parties, Shabbos Kallahs, Bas Mitzvas, and any event for women!


What feedback have you received?

Women and girls LOVE my comedy and say they haven’t laughed like that in years, maybe ever!

Have you ever had an experience where your routine flopped and people didn’t laugh?

I am still working on a routine about “Frum Nursery Rhymes” and other than a few of them which are really good, women don’t seem to like them. They complain that my rhymes aren’t good and they just aren’t funny enough. I find it funny when I do it for people who don’t know my successful routines and then they really think I am not funny, then I have to start proving myself with my tries-and-true hits like “Glatt Kosher Airlines” and “Chag-in-a-Day”.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Married with 8 or so kids, living in Jerusalem, amazing husband, four or so CD’s being sold world-wide, going on tour twice a year for a few weeks each time, doing kiruv, and most of my time spent raising my children.


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