Hey! How are you all? Some good news- the rain has finally started to fall here in Israel! It’s a bracha! But please remember to keep on davening for rain here- they presume it’s going to be a dry winter…

Did you even wonder if you are a budding health expert? Did you ever want to be one? If the answer is yes (and also if it’s no) take this quiz to find out how much you know about… health! (What else?)

1. Out of these foods, which food contains protein?
a. rice cakes
b. carrots
c. eggs
d. bread

2. Almonds are a good source of…
a. calcium
b. iron
c. vitamin C
d. vitamin B12

3. Which foods contain omega 3 fatty acids?
a. apples and bananas
b. meat and leafy green vegetables
c. olive oil and pumpkin seeds
d. fish and flax seed oil

4. How many times a week is it preferable to eat eggs?
a. 1 egg a week
b. not more than one egg every day
c. 2-3 eggs a day
d. 2 eggs a week

5. Why isn’t coffee good for kids?
a. it has caffeine which causes kids to sleep too much
b. it has caffeine which isn’t good for the blood
c. It has caffeine which is addictive and acts like a drug
d. It stops kid’s appetites- it causes them to not want to eat

6. Out of these vegetables, which are the healthiest?
a. cucumbers
b. carrots and tomatoes
c. vegetables with a bitter taste like radishes
d. leafy dark greens like kale

7. All citrus fruits are high in…
a. vitamin C
b. vitamin A
c. vitamin D
d. vitamin E

8. Vitamin D is the only vitamin which has a source other than food, what is it?
a. fresh air
b. sunlight
c. exercise
d. sleep

And for the final question which all of you should know the answer to…
9.How much water should one consume a day?
a. 6-8 gallons
b. 6-8 sips
c. 6-8 cups
d. a reviis (around the size of half a cup)

Good luck! Even if you didn’t get the answers right, don’t despair! You can become a health nut faster than you think!

1. c 2. a 3. d 4. b 5. c 6. d 7. b 8. a