Hi, everyone!

My name is Maital Ledder and I live in Israel.

Before you read the title of this new blog, raise your eyebrows and crinkle up your nose, just continue reading and give it a chance.

I’m sure some of you out there would love to eat healthier food and live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know how or don’t have time.

So, that’s what I’m here for!

Our family is very heathy, and we also have intolerances to certain foods. (That means that the foods don’t agree with our body so we don’t eat them. Being allergic is different – the symptoms can be much worse, sometimes even deadly, lo aleinu. Baruch Hashem, we are not allergic to anything.)

We don’t have any wheat, dairy or sugar in the house. It can be hard sometimes, but we feel so much better.  (Yes, I do “cheat” and eat foods with those ingredients, like in school, but I have to pay a price.)

Having a healthy lifestyle is not only good for you – it can be fun.

Fun??  Yes!

In this blog I’m going to mainly focus on eating healthy, but some other forms of being healthy are doing exercise, drinking, having enough sleep, and of course davening to Hashem to help us become heathy so we can serve Him better!

Every week I’m going to focus on a different food (or food group), and add in some healthy recipes and occasionally a health quiz or fun game! You’ll also learn about healthy substitutes for not-as-healthy food.

Good luck, and can’t wait to start!