Hi everyone!  Today, my cousins, Yaffah and Shoshana Ferber, and I, made Challah!  It was such a joy to do it together, and it was a first time meeting up to do this.  They came to our house with a new recipe to experiment with, and then things got really fun (not to mention messy)!

Like the 3 strands making up a simple Challah braid, woven together with care, ultimately producing something, with Hashem’s help, beautiful and for a higher purpose, so it was with us.  3 different girls, combining our efforts and increasing our love, weaving ourselves into one hard worker, to reach our treasured goal.  We are so fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to make something to grace and elevate our Shabbos tables.  What a mitzvah it is, to work together l’Sheim Shamayim- and with such tasty results!

We now take the opportunity to acknowledge our wonderful mothers, with credit and gratitude, for all of their guidance throughout the process.  Also, thank you to Doda Laya (Yaffah and Shoshana’s mother) for suggesting the recipe, and my mother Leslie for allowing us to storm her kitchen.

Who’s up for a little slideshow (of sorts) now?


^ Kneading our dough, Lichvod Shabbos Kodesh!!! ^

^ A close up– doesn’t it look professional? ;) ^

^ It doubled!  It maybe even tripled!  Who’s read Goldie Shulman’s Way Too Much Challah Dough?!  Our lovely puffed dough reminded us of this favorite short story. ^

^ We kneaded the dough by hand.  Loaves of love are a labor of love!  And definitely worth it– we made enough dough, to separate Challah with a bracha!  How special it was to perform one of our special mitzvos, one of the three mitzvos entrusted specifically to Jewish women, and together b’simcha! ^

And this is where things get artsy…

^ Shoshana’s own unique braid! ^

^ Yaffah’s twelve-braid “Star-Challah”! ^


Hopefully, we’ll merit to enjoy many more exciting and meaningful activities like this together; and if you, dear reader, have your own Challah snapshots or experiences to share, we’d all love to hear from you here on JGU!

All the best, and wishing you an uplifting Shabbos Kodesh!
Tzipporah, Yaffah, and Shoshana  <3