Hi there!
Hmm, maybe I should have saved this post for Tu B’shevat! But the fruits and vegetables in my fridge were begging to be written about. “Hey, we also deserve to be mentioned!” They said. “Yeah, but I mentioned you throughout the other posts!” I protested. “Ok, but you mentioned us briefly. We deserve a post of our own.”

Ok, I didn’t really have a conversation with my fruits and vegetables; I’m not that crazy…

Wow, where do we begin? I think this post is going to be extra-long since I have so much to say on fruits and vegetables.

First of all, fruits and vegetables are Hashem’s candy. They are delicious, refreshing, healthy, and good for you. Is that enough to get you running to your fridge?

Most fruits have specific seasons when they are the best. For example- in summer, the watermelons, peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and grapes pop up. In winter it’s time for the citrus fruit, pears and apples to shine. Of course, that was just a sample; there are many other fruits out there.

Some vegetables also have their specific seasons when they are ripe, like avocadoes, put most popular vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes, are available all year round.

Let’s play a little game. Go and get a paper and pen and the page in two. On one half write “fruits” and on the other half write “vegetables.” Now write down as many fruit and veg as you can think of. Come on, wrack your brains! Ok, you really can’t think of anything else? Go ask some sibling or parents who have time on their hands to help you.
Ok, how many did you come up with? I’m guessing you came up with at least 20 of each. And there are dozens and dozens more! Just think about it, Hashem gave us such an enormous variety, that every person (or most people) has at least one fruit and veg that they like. (And I’m guessing that you like more than one!)

I’ve been writing “fruit and veg” together so many times, that it seems as if they are the same. But they aren’t. Vegetables are good for you always (just don’t have too much!), while it’s good to have only 1-3 fruits a day. And some even say 1-2. Fruit has many vitamins and health benefits, but they do have natural fruit sugar in them. And while fruit sugar is much better for you than the white stuff, you still have to have it in moderation.

Here are some fun facts about…

According to scientists, tomatoes are really a fruit since they have the seeds on the inside like most other fruit do! But one should still say on them the blessing “Ha’adamah”.
What is the difference between someone who is smart and someone who is wise?
Someone who is smart knows that tomatoes are a fruit.
Someone who is wise knows that you shouldn’t put tomatoes in a fruit salad!

Banana peel is something that you usually throw in the garbage, no? But banana peels can be really useful! (Disclaimer- I have never tried any of these, so don’t count on me…)
– Headaches. Place the inside of a banana peel on your forehead, they say it sooths headaches!
– Use as a substitute for silver polish- hmm, sounds interesting!
– Rub on a nasty mosquito bite- it helps soothe the itch.
Bananas are also great in smoothies. You can make a delicious, healthy ice cream out of bananas- freeze a couple of bananas, transfer to blender and blend! Yum, it’s as simple as that.

go to my post “citrusy wonders” to find out more!

There are so many ways to incorporate fruit and veg into your diet, be it in salads, smoothies, veggie platters, roasted vegetables, compotes, pies and more. And of course, they are delicious plain as well! Don’t be afraid to try a new fruit or vegetable, it might just become your new favorite! Next time you are at the supermarket, maybe ask your mother if you can buy a new fruit/vegetable that you have never tried before. Be bold!

If you are interested for some great recipes with fruit/vegetables in them, please write in the comment section and I’ll send them out to you!

Please note- many fruits and vegetables are prone to infestation and require checking before eating.
Happy snacking and betaiavon!