By Goldy Rosenfeld

You are invited to a big Birthday Party Bash. You. . .

a) Decide to go alone
b) Gather a group of besties to go together
c) Ask a girl you wouldn’t normally hang out with

At recess (or free period), you’d usually be found. . .
a) In the corner, drawing, writing, or reading a book
b)With a group of girls huddled around you, listening to your stories, holding their sides from laughing so hard
c)Looking for anyone who is sitting alone to spark a conversation or startup a game

In your opinion, your personality (in terms of friendship) in one word is. . .
a) Quiet
b) Popular
c) Friendly

Everyone at school is wearing the new bracelet. You and your friend are the only ones who don’t have a bracelet. You. . .
a) and your bestie save up for one by babysitting for your neighbor and doing your younger sister’s chores for a month
b) beg your parents to get you one
c) decide that you are happy with what YOU own!


Mostly a’s
You consider yourself a bit. . . shy.
And that is TOTALLY fine! People are fully entitled to their OWN feelings. Just try to find another girl who may be a bit shy/ uncertain, too.
And you never know! It may be true that opposites attract. Maybe there is a girl in your class who is funny, loud, and maybe even popular. So go try to hang out with her!
Always be open to trying something new!

Mostly b’s
You are definitely the class clown, and every girl adores you.
All your friends laugh at your jokes, and the adults love you, too.
Am I right? :P
You have lots of friends, and you are always followed by a trail of girls, everywhere you go.
Just remember to be nice, honest, and a loyal and dependable friend.

Mostly c’s
You are a sweetheart!
You know what’s right and when to do it.
You care about others and their feelings.
You are a great example!
You are friendly and sweet, and keep up the good work. :) :) :)

:) Your Friend Goldy :)