After a minute of studying the paper he had given me,  I thought for a minute . . . .what if this could be a trap? But, why would someone want to trap me?  If he was an the FBI, how could I help him?  My thoughts were interrupted. “Hi, Silka!”  I looked too see good old Rivka!  I smiled at her.  “You could never ima. . . . ” I stopped short.  Should I tell her? He did say to tell no one.  I better not.  Rivka looked at me, ?like are you going to tell me?  I quickly changed the subject.

The day arrived!  I put the address in the GPS (I am horrible at directions).  After a few minutes I arrived.  It looked like a normal house to me.  I went to the door, then rung the doorbell.  After a few seconds, the same man I had seen yesterday opened the door.  He looked out (I guess to make sure no one was watching).  “Come in,” he said, stepping inside the house.  I followed him inside.  He led me to a wide door in the end of the hallway.  Thoughts  were shooting in and out of my head.  Is this a trap? Should have I told Rivka? Should have I not even come? The man looked at me and then opened the door!  I was in the shock of my life!  It was a FBI Headquarters!

I looked in amazement!  After a few seconds the man waved for me to follow him down the steps.  He led me to a desk and looked at someone, and said,  “Yenta find video number 2289!”  Yenta Yenta?  Where have I heard that name before? Oh HOW could I forget!

“Yenta,” I asked her?  She turned around, sure enough it was her!  Yenta was a friend of mine in high school!  She looked at me and smiled, “Silka!  How are you? I hope your well!  Are you well?”

I smiled, B”H I am well, you?

. . . . To be continued