Hello everyone!
Wow, so many things coming up! Tomorrow is the fast of the 10th of Tevet, and next week is the winter online camp!

So, today we are going to talk about… exercise! Yup, you knew it was coming, and here it is. Before I begin writing about exercise, I have to confess about something. I do not like doing exercise. What?!? Yup. I know that exercise is a good thing, I try to do exercise, I feel good after exercise, but I don’t like exercise. Just had to tell you that so you wouldn’t think I’m a hypocrite or anything. And I do do it… occasionally.

Anyway, enough about my likes and dislikes.
Let’s start at the veeery beginning. So what is exercise? Kidding, I’m sure all of you know what it is. You also probably already know that exercise is good for you. There are so many good things about exercise that I’m not even going to right most of them down. (Then why am I not taking my words to heart and doing exercise?)

Exercise releases good hormones in the body, it is good for mental health, physical health, helps keep your bones and muscles strong and much more…

Here are some easy ways to do exercise:

1. Swimming. Now here’s an exercise that I like! If you don’t know how to swim, then I strongly advise you to run to your mother and ask for swimming lessons. Ok, maybe wait for the summer… Swimming is an amazing form of exercise. Next time you go to the pool, don’t just bob around and play with your friends (although do that too!), but do laps. Challenge yourself to add one lap every time, and see how many you get up to!

2. Walking. Something so simple that is actually good for you. Challenge yourself- if you are walking somewhere, try to quicken your pace. If you have a choice between walking up the stairs and taking an elevator, try the stairs. You can even run them! (But be careful not to fall.) I find walking while listening to music on headphones really helps. You can also walk with a friend or family member, which is usually really fun!

3. Yoga. You know me and yoga… or maybe you don’t. It’s like me and exercise, no explanation necessary. Yoga is very good though. It’s a different type of exercise, a low key one. That means that it isn’t as stimulating, so you can usually do it before bed, to calm down, etc. as well as doing it for regular exercise.
Some extra exercise you can sneakily add in to your day:

1. You can put on some music and dance! You can even incorporate the dancing into helping your mother clean the house; dance while sweeping, dance while cleaning your room…

2. You can go biking

3. Jump rope! See how many you can do; have a jumping race with your siblings!

4. Make up an aerobics class for yourself; run on the spot, jump, jumping jacks, you can do it!

You can basically make everyday activities into exercise with a little imagination.
I hope you have a good time exercising!