Written by: Chanie Gourarie8 number
The Tabernacle it was time to dedicate,
For 7 days the Jews did wait,
In this world, forever, G-dliness would permeate,
It all happened on day number 8.
“How is this relevant today?” one may ask,
To bring G-dliness into our lives is our task,
How can we accomplish such a great feat?
By having only kosher food to eat.
Kosher food is healthy for our soul,
To be sanctified internally is our goal,
Kosher food opens up our heart and mind,
So that we can understand the Torah and be kind.
Numbers 7 and 8 are close to one another,
But they are very different from eachother,
7 represents nature, like the days of the week,
8 represents above nature, something unique.
The laws of kosher we don’t understand,
We do it because of Hashem’s command,
G-d’s infinite light in this physical world on day #8,
Is in the same category as kosher food on our plate.