This month’s theme was how circles illustrate unity. Since I love photography, I planned to take photos of circles in nature. The closer I lookedDSC014641, the more I realized that what I thought were circles were not quite circular.

The moon isn’t quite round. A tomato is  more of an ellipse. I discovered that these variations were consistent with the monthly theme. Perfect circles don’t exist in nature. There are shapes that are similar, but a perfect circle is a mathematicaDSC03065l object. That is the beauty of nature. In nature, most circles aren’t perfect, but neither are we. It is our imperfections that make us unique and help us to compliment one another.

Consider the moon, a beautiful object that we admire every night. Yet, all of the beautiful spots on its surface are craters. In this way, we are similar to the moon because our beauty is not measured by how perfect we are, but by all of our unique experiences. That is also what brings us together.

So these are a few imperfect cirDSC03063cles. I hope you enjoy!

-Rachel Hannah Tahir