Chanukah Art Workshop



    According to the Ramak- Rav Moshe Cordoevero each sefira; spiritual attribute is represented by a different color: (Aryeh Kaplan)

    keser-crown-will/pleasure-blinding invisible bright light

    chochma-wisdom-color that includes all colors-rainbow of colors-prism


    chesed- love-white-silver



    netzach-victory-light pink

    hod-gratitude-splendor-dark pink



    -all the Jews serve Hshem through a different branch, a different attribute, yet we are all one, everyone has a different path, but we are all united, we are all like a different color yet unite to serve Hshem as one!

  • -just as the menorah in the temple (Bais Hamikdash) was made from one block of gold.

    -a Cohen (a priest in the temple) illuminates the menorah- while he is wearing white ( representative of love/kindness) vestments-has to have love of a fellow Jew to illuminate another Jew.

    -Tikun- that means in a rectified way-a peaceful-harmonious way-we all work together, mix and mold together in a great harmony and unity!

    -WE ARE ALL ONE! yet serve Hashem differently, all part of one truth, as the branches art part of one Menorah.

    We used watercolor paints-utilizing the different colors/attributes sefiros to create a Menorah of unity!



  • BY: Ahuvah Coates, C.O.C Art Coach