Chanukah Funnel Cakes by Raizel Laber

Chanukah Funnel Cakes (Adapted from Culinary Hill Funnel Cakes) Everyone loves Chanukah, who doesn’t like 8 days of lighting the menorah, eating fried foods, playing dreidel, and more? These funnel cakes are a delicious Chanukah […]

HAMANTASCHEN! by Raizel and Shaina Laber

BS”D HAMANTASCHEN! Written by Raizel Laber; Photography by Shaina Laber Everyone loves hamantaschen, but they also have a deeper meaning. They symbolize the hidden miracles of Purim. In the story of Purim, there were no […]

Lentil Soup For Parshas Toldos

In this week’s Parsha- Toldos. We read about, when Esav came home tired and very hungry, and he saw that Yaakov was cooking a lentil soup and he said: “Give me to eat!” He wanted […]

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

By: Raizel Laber These cookies are great for a dessert or a snack, they are best straight out of the oven. If you are a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, these cookies are just […]

Delicious & Moist Honey Cake

By Raizel Laber

Rosh Hashana Apple Galette

By Raizel Laber Adapted from Food and Wine Country Apple Galette                   Ingredients: Pastry 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 stick […]

My Meal of Moshiach, Special Thoughts, and a Surprise Pesach Egg Salad Recipe

BS”D Hello everyone!  I know this Pesach-related post is rather late, but it’s still meaningful to keep the inspiration going!  On the last day of Pesach, we focus with greater intensity of hope and dreams for […]

The Laber’s Family Favorite Cheesecake Recipe

BH In honor of our deeply exciting upcoming festival of Shavuos, Mrs. Nechama Laber would like to present…  A delightful cheesecake recipe– the Laber’s Family Favorite! Ingredients: Cheese Cake Crust: 9 ground graham crackers (you […]

Honey Comb Cupcakes

HONEY COMB CUPCAKES – You will need the guidance of a big sister or adult to make this fun recipe. Idea: Divide your siblings or friends into 3 groups and prepare a different part of […]