Tune: ניגון שמחה

Only days after Egypt we left,
Of sending his servants- Paroh did regret,
With a strong heart and chariots, too,
He and his nation chased after the Jews.
We raised our eyes,
Egypt after us- to Hashem were our cries,
Moshe said, “Stand and see,
The salvation Hashem will bring for us eternally.”
Hashem said, “B’nai Yisroel shall journey,”
So Nachshon with Mesiras Nefesh jumped into the sea,
Hashem, the Yam Suf did split,
And with walls on either side we passed through it.
After we passed through the sea on dry land,
Egypt came to chase after us and-
The waters were returned to their natural state,
And Hashem led Egypt to their fate.
The waters drowned every Mitzri,
And destroyed them completely,
Hashem saved us on that day,
Oz Yoshir to Hashem we sang.