Balance is super important, obviously. However, a lot of people struggle with it. Standing on one foot can be difficult depending on how much you do it. With a little practice you can get really good at it.

One of the best beginning balance exercises is a yoga pose called tree pose. First envision yourself as a flamingo, then stand like one. To be more specific, stand on your left leg and bring your right foot up so that it’s flat against your left thigh. If you have trouble you can start with your foot at your ankle and slowly work your leg up. The higher you bring your leg the harder this pose gets. Then do the other side.

For arm position you can bring your hands either straight up, above your head, out to the sides, or at chest level in a clapping position. Try not to hold onto anything.

When you have gotten the hang of this, for an extra challenge, try closing your eyes. Doesn’t sound hard? Try it!

You can do this while you’re on the phone with friends (or in person :)), or while you’re working in the kitchen. Really anywhere.

Good luck, and please, let me know how it goes in the comments.