I pushed on the door so hard my hands were turning red. My heart was beating faster than a marathon runner and almost as loud as the fire alarm.  I suddenly realized my exasperating mistake. Plain and simple: the door was locked. I quickly unlocked it, rinsed my hands and RAN.

  My class was in a line (sort of) going down the stairs.

  “Mrs. Mengel,” cried Ruthy, who notices everything, “Shifra’s back!”

  “Oh good,” Mrs. Mengel said in a strangled voice.

  I ran, trying to catch up. There was an earth shattering noise from both the fire alarm and the shrieking girls. I felt faint.

  Panting, I felt myself slip and slide down a few steps but everyone was too absorbed in the commotion to notice. I couldn’t move an inch. I tried to pick myself up but it didn’t work. I was absolutely terrified.

  Suddenly, I felt a kind hand pick me up and hold my hand. She helped me catch up and only when we were safely outside did I look at her.

  My light brown eyes bore into dark green eyes.

  Belonging to Tamara.  

To be continued…