My cousin in Israel did the most amazing act of kindness I ever witnessed. We were walking in Jerusalem and suddenly I don’t see my cousin. A second ago, he was next to me but now he was gone. I turn all different directions and unexpectedly, from afar I see that he is helping a four-year-old boy cross the street. You could see how happy the kid was that someone was helping him cross the street. The kid gave my cousin a high five and that was it. This was something amazing that I witnessed in front of my eyes.

In today’s society, no body would do such a thing because the kid’s hand might be dirty, and also because people only care about their children and not about other people’s children. But imagine if everyone helped children cross the street, then there wouldn’t be so many accidents of kids being run over.

On that day, I learned a very valuable lesson: always help others no matter what. By helping others, you brighten their day and you let them know that you care about them and love them. Even by just helping them for five seconds to cross the street, you show them that they are important to you.