Hi everyone! How are you all? This post is not going to be about a specific food like usual, rather- we’re going to talk about… stress busters!

At school or not, you’re probably learning now. Be it by zoom, telephone, or even in person! (Wow!! Who remembers those good old days?)
We have recorded lessons on the telephone. (Sigh.)  I’m sure your teachers are piling on the work, now that it’s Cheshvan and we (sadly) don’t have any Yamim Tovim to look forward to (until Chanukah). You might sometimes feel a little stressed out from the workload, and that’s ok- everyone feels stressed sometimes!
Here are 10 great stress busters – take a minute when you’re feeling stressed and try one!

1. Listen to either uplifting or bouncy music and sing along. (Music always makes me happy- how about you?)

2. Jump rope or run on the spot until your heart rate goes up. Alternatively you can go on a power walk; remember, you’re heart rate has to go up! (Rule of thumb – if you’re power walking with someone and you’re breathing too hard to talk, that means you’re on the right track!)

3. Drink a large cup of water. (No, an 1/8 of a cup does not count.)

4. Take 50 deep breaths in and out slowly- don’t stop ‘till you feel calm!

5. Do some yoga stretches! (And go upside down! The blood rushes to your head and helps you to think clearer.)

6. Laugh with your family members- or even by yourself! If there’s nothing funny to laugh about, start with a fake laugh and watch it turn into a real one! (Hahaha!!)

7. Cry- crying releases stress like laughing does.

8. Write your feelings down in a diary. After you’ve written- try to forget about it!

9. Vent your feelings to someone you trust (parents, friend, etc. And of course, Hashem!)

10. Last but not least- say Tehillim! Be it one kapitel or 10, Hashem will always listen – He is never too busy to help.

Good luck!

Challenge- Not much of a challenge, but- have you any stress busters? Please write below!