I think there might be some confusion about our new feature. As previously mentioned, this feature will allow our readers to submit pictures of what they think is the coolest sundae.

Although I’m not doing a picture here, I’ll describe to you what my submission would look like. Keep in mind that while I’m creating something cute and creative, I’m describing the ice cream here, and the submissions are just pictures. So get ready to make something fun, cool, and yummy!

Here’s what would be on my Yaldah Sundae:

1 scoop rainbow-vanilla ice cream

1 scoop strawberry ice cream

Whipped cream (why not? its yummy!)

Gummy worms (bookworms. corny, but cute!)

Rainbow sprinkles

Fondant shaped like a Yaldah ‘Y’ 

          If not, I would probably do like a chocolate on chocolate on chocolate….yuuummm

So cant wait to see your submissions!