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Background: Based on a true story, this touching song takes us on a journey to Israel on what had been a beautiful summer day in 2001 in the heart of Jerusalem, to the well known Sbarro restaurant located on Rachov Yaffo.
There were many people who had crowded into the store to get a quick bite to eat that day, but suddenly the calm surroundings of the restaurant turned into a scene of chaos and destruction as a suicide bomber blew himself up amongst the people, killing and injuring scores of people with his brutal act of terrorism.

It was in this restaurant amid the destruction that one man saw a great light, the light of Hashem’s watchful eye on his life. It was only moments before that he was standing in line in the restaurant in a rush to get to an important meeting. The man in front of him offered him his spot on line so that he could make his meeting on time. As he left the restaurant the bomb went off while the man who gave him his spot was still inside.

His conscience gave him no rest and he began a search of all the local hospitals to see if he could locate his hero. When he did locate him in a nearby hospital alive, he vowed to do whatever he could to help him.

A few months later, he got that opportunity when he was informed that his hero would be coming to America for emergency treatment. He was asked by the victim’s son if he would be available to drive him from the airport to the hospital.
Of course he took the day off from work and picked up his hero from JFK and drove him to the hospital a few hours away. When he got to the hospital he realized how Hashem’s light was shining upon him once again because upon arrival he was informed of the shocking news that the world trade center, where he had worked on the 101st floor, was just destroyed by a terrorist. Yes, he was saved by Hashem for a second time on 9/11.

We must always remember that even in the darkest of times we must never lose our faith and trust in Hashem. He is there every step of the way, guiding us and holding us right, as a father watching over his son.

You’re Watching Me

COMPOSED BY: Yitzy Waldner
CHOIR ARRANGED AND PERFORMED BY: Yochanan Shapiro, Avrumi Briskman, Yochi Blatt

On the line in a cafe
He awaits his turn to pay
He glances at his watch to check the time

When a stranger turns his face Can I offer you my place?
I insist you take my turn
Right here on line

A day that seemed like any other
He thanks a man without a name
But when he leaves he will discover
The very place he stood is now in flames

Oh Hashem every step I take You guide Every day, I know you’re standing by my side You open up my eyes, when I am lost
And cannot see
It’s all in Your hands
Wherever I am
You’re watching me

To the hospital he goes
Where the Jew he barely knows Is lying in a bed, weak and ill

He holds firmly to his hand
Know your wish is my command
And there’s none too great that I will not fulfill

Hashem sent you to be my savior
And now my life to you I owe
And any time you need a favor
I am here for you; be sure to let me know


To america he leaves
One day a phone call he receives
From the son of the man who saved his life

We’re in town for better care
And we were hoping you’d be there
With my father, when he goes under the knife

A day that seemed liked any other
Once more fate had crossed their ways
For as he stood beside his brother
The towers where he worked came down in flames


Oh Hashem, every step we take You guide
Night and day, we know you’re standing at our side You open up our eyes
When we are lost and cannot see
You’re never too far
Wherever we are
There You will be…