pink dreams and a chandelier on top
champagne.chic / / CC BY-NC-ND

Unless your bedroom has just been remodeled, it’s probably like most girls: seems dull. I gathered together some tips to design your room, and make it look better than ever!

1) BED

You can use a brightly colored bedspread to help your bed ‘shine’ a bit, or you can make this rememberance quilt, and leave it on your bed for everyone to see. click on the link to see how to make a rememberance quilt



Your dresser is probably either full (like mine), or empty. None of the two options are good. First, sort out all your ‘stuff’ on your dresser, and organize them. Next, choose a few items, and place them on your dresser. These can include: picture frames, jewelry boxes, etc.



There is not that much of an option to put on your door-I keep a calender, but you can also keep your bows on your door (make one by attaching four lengths of ribbon to a hanger and clipping on your bows), or a mirror.



Hopefully, you have a bookcase in your bedroom. Sort out all your papers, books, etc. and organize them on your shelves. You can also keep a few knick-knacks there.



Sort out all your clothes, try them on, put away items that are not in season or that are too small. Using whatever is left, organize your closet by putting shirts on one side, shabbos outfits on another, etc.



Are you creative? If so, this is for you. Frame paintings and drawings, and hang them on your walls. It works wonders! If your not so artistic, you can either print out paintings, or ask someone to draw something for you.



Buy a pack of glow-in-the-dark stickers, and stick them on your ceiling. It ends up looking pretty cool!


Hope these tips help you out! Good Luck organizing your room!