Would you like a chance to be on the Yaldah Website?


We are inviting everyone to choose an outfit from online and send it to layaf.eb@yaldahmagazine.com

Send the link to the email adress listed above before June 5… Coming up soon!


We will choose a first, second, third, fourth, and fifth place winner. These winners will be posted on the Yaldah Website.


Please make sure your outfit meets the following standards.

  • Price is below $30
  • It covers knees, elbows, collar bones etc. (If a shell is needed, please supply a link to where to purchase a matching shell)
  • Matches! If it doesn’t ‘flow’ we ain’t putting it up :) Sorry!
  • It doesn’t call too much attention to the person wearing it.

We will be judging it based on:

a. meeting the standards above

b. creativity

c. taste


Looking forward!


-Yall’dah Fashion From Texas Staff