On the JGU ONE MORE LIGHT Inter-school Broadcast before Rosh Hashanah, we were joined by 800 girls from around the world including Yeshiva Sha’arei Tzion in the pictures below. We lit candles and showed them how their own flames were not diminished by lighting another.

At JGU, we encourage our girls to share their light in their own communities. At their Rosh Chodesh Assembly, the G.O presented by this theme about how when you use the light that Hashem gave us, ours doesn’t get diminished. The girls sang the JGU Theme Song, “Shine Your Inner Light, Hold Your Candles High!” and felt empowered to shine their light in the darkness, which is also the theme of Chanukah.

“Thank you so much for the JGU Educators Forum, where we spoke about these ideas. Today’s success had a lot to do with the inspiration of JGU.”
Raizel Nissim, Assistant Principle