Hi everybody!

WELCOME BACK! Well, not that you were gone :) I was gone, though, so welcome back to me!

Last school year I was in Eretz Yisroel (Israel) for seminary. I got back in Tammuz/June, and with the new website, settling back into life in America and everything… it took this long to get my account operating! But here I am and I’m so excited to be back on the blog!

Apparently I “missed” an exciting year at YALDAH – we went monthly, launched this incredible new website, and started new programs like the Bat Mitzvah Star program! Exciting things happened in my life, too.

Firstly, I entered this totally new stage of life in which nobody really tells me what to do (although my mother still does remind me to go to sleep at night!). There’s no one making my daily schedule for me, telling me to get my homework done, or to make lunch for tomorrow. Or today, for that matter. So I have to do it myself. I work part time, am in online school for graphic design, and b’ezras Hashem (G-d willing) I’m going to graduate with my BA in Liberal Arts this May! Quite the exciting life!

‘Twas a momentous day in the history of my life when I B”H finally got my own laptop this summer! My siblings have been telling me for years that for the amount of time I spend on the computer with YALDAH, I should have my own computer. Well it finally happened! So that’s rather exciting…

Another change in my life is that I had to redefine my job here at YALDAH. I’ve always been so crazy involved so it was very weird during my year in seminary to be so “out of it”. Proofreading the issue is fun but it doesn’t really keep you in the loop! Anyway, I’m back, and am finally getting back into it! It’s also very fun to have a sister on the Editorial Board. It’s been a while since Sarah was on the board in 2010, so I’m looking forward to seeing Dassi’s creativity come out of the kitchen…

I’m so happy to be involved with YALDAH, the greatest magazine in the world! Aren’t YOU glad YALDAH is here??

With that, I’d like to share an awesome picture with you. Let me know what you think. My sister Miriam took it of me and my friends (one of them being one of YALDAH’s former Editorial Board Writers, Chaya Shifra Avruch!). Isn’t it cool? I love the perspective and the focus on the grass.

Just in case you’re wondering if it’s really me writing this post – I’m listening to Ilu by Rav Michel Twerski on the album L’Hodos! Yes, that would be my Rabbi!

Anyway… Layla Tov (good night)!! Be back soon!