Hello there :)

Guess what?
I got the summer issue! YAY!
Did you get it yet? Let us know what you think of it!

So… I’m in L.A. at my grandparents’ with a couple of my siblings, having a blast, B”H… hoping to meet up with a couple of Editorial Board members while I’m here.

I’m not really in the mood to write a whole long entry, so I won’t :) I think this will be one of my shortest entries ever… hehe. Oh, and I know I told you a long time ago that my cousin got engaged. So she got married in June (her wedding was a blaaaaast and a half!) and now her brother got engaged!! That’s Ami Klein who got engaged to Atara Luchansky, both of Baltimore.

Anyway, YALDAH’s doing pretty well… JGR’s going full swing, summer issue has finally arrived, and fall and winter are in the works, as I’ve mentioned :)

Have a wonderful Shabbos!


P.S. Listening to this great Sefardi album that came out last week, “Libi BeMizrach” by Yaakov Shwekey. This song is called Chabibi… and it’s an awesome, amazing CD!!