Hey everybody!
I have not posted in ages… or so it feels. I guess it hasn’t been quite ages, but close enough, right?
Anyway, our Publicity Manager (Chava Sneiderman) and our Webmaster (Chaya Kraines) both asked me to show you this article. It was in the South African Jewish Report (www.sajewishreport.co.za), in the September 3, 2009 issue, on page 19. Look at that! YALDAH’s being publicized even in South Africa!!

So here at YALDAH we’ve already assigned writers’ jobs for the fall issue and we’re working on finishing the issue. One is Not a Lonely Number has gone to the final proofreader, and we have an amazing website in the works – check it out under construction at www.yaldahmedia.com!
Okay, I’m off to study for some tests I have tomorrow.
P.S. I’m listening to a Shmuz by Rabbi Shafier of www.theshmuz.com. This one is called “#32, Understanding Nature – Putting the WOW Back Into Nature”.