I’m telling you, I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy before, Yaldah-wise.

Let’s see…

This past weekend was JGR the most awesome retreat ever! Visit collive.com to read an article I wrote with help from the girls in the creative writing workshop (go performing art workshops!)that I led at retreat!It was seriously inspiring, thought provoking, warm and tons of fun! Shout-out to Bunk 2, the best bunk ever!



We also have 5 issues on our minds! The Teves issue should be sent out any day now. The Shvat issue is in the process of being designed. The content for the Adar Issue is just about done. The Nissan issue is progressing quite nicely and all content should be finished within the next two weeks. Today we planned the Iyar issue, the first issue which will be done by the Editorial Board 2013!

Which brings me to the next reason we’ve been so busy. Kol hakavod (good job) to our (approximately) 88 applicants! Our dedicated staff has spent hours reading applications and it’s going to be really tough picking the board. We want to thank you all for taking the time to apply! Yaldah wouldn’t be the same without readers who want to get involved, like you! Applicants will hear back from us, G-d willing, within two weeks. Don’t forget that you can always send any submissions to submit@yaldah.com.

Aside from all that, midterms are starting soon, and I’ve got lots of schoolwork to finish up by then! Got to go study :)Open Book