As usual, things are hopping behind the scenes. The October/November issue has gone to print, the content for the November/December issue is just about done, and the December/January issue content should be in this week. Last week, we planned out the Shvat-January/February issue.

New, cool ideas are also being cooked up behind the scenes…

Speaking of “behind-the-scenes,” if you’re interesting in being a part of the Yaldah team, take this oppurtunity to apply for the editorial board. Being on the board is an awesome experience. I was a writer on the board for two years before becoming the COO, and I loved it. So if you’re interested, visit

Just a note: Even if you didn’t get on last year, you are more than welcome to apply again. Just because someone didn’t get on a previous board doesn’t lessen their chances of getting on the new board.

Hatzlacha rabba!

Looking forward to seeing your awesome applications!