Hi everybody out there!

This is Chaya Bockian, Leah Saltzman, and Nechama Saltzman speaking.
We’re leaving to the airport to go to the YALDAH Shabbaton in 5 1/2 hours so we should probably go to bed but we are way too excited!! (Besides that we’d be up now anyway.)
So, we’ll give you an update on what’s happening with this amazing Shabbaton: Penina Harrison arrived tonight. Leah Larson went to meet her at the train station and they missed their train back to Sharon, so they had to wait a couple more hours ’til they went back! But all’s well that ends well, and Leah and Penina are both in Sharon, sleeping we’d hope (but probably not).
Aside from that… Ilana Katzin is also here but she’s not with us at the computer (she’s doing the normal thing that people do at this time of night.) Leah and Nechama’s awesome and generous sister, Miriam, is bringing us to the airport… we’re leaving at 5:45 am!!
Oh, we have to keep up with Nechama’s tradition, right? Ok, so we’re currently listening to “V’hoo Kechoson” by Shimon Craimer. Can you guess what the CD is called? “Craimer.” Actually, Shimon Craimer is a Chazan and he’s the friend of someone in our community. He’s also British – that’s cool, right? Anyho… it’s a gorgeous song because Shimon has an amazing, clear, voice and he has a big range.
So now we’re going to go to sleep because Leah said we should get some sleep before we wake up in less than 5 hours.
Layla Tov! (Good night!)