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Yaldah in Hebrew means “girl”. Yaldah also just happens to be the website that I’m currently blogging on :) I thought that title had a lot to do with the following pictures. Today was sweaty 70 degree weather! The weather had a really nice effect for these pictures, and they came out just as nice as the weather :) My sister, Michla, was in a silly mood and laughed the photo shoot straight. I dressed her up for the shoot: Her dress, a Tznius (modest) shirt, a pink cardigan from Osh Kosh, a slightly messy bun, and a big pink bow.

Tznius (modesty) doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, I love being Tznius, (modest).  It’s sort of like a big chunk of my life. And you can also look simply awesome in Tznius (modest) clothing. I thought Michla looked adorable as a girly girl, it fits her so well. We had a blast taking these photos and wanted to stay longer, but it was getting mosquito-y and buggy and dark, so we went in. After I showed her the pictures, she had a good laugh. Again.


FOTW: If not for Tznius, (modesty) you wouldn’t be able to accomplish the 613 Mitzvot (commandments given by G-d).