Hi, everyone!

I really wanted to post because I’m sooo excited these days about YALDAH!
Have you seen our new website, www.yaldahmedia.com?
Have you heard about our new phone number, 1-888-4-YALDAH?
Have you preordered the new YALDAH books?!
So, let me keep up with my tradition –
right now, I’m listening to a gorgeous song by Yossi Green & Mordechai Ben David. I mean, Yossi Green wrote it, and Mordechai ben David (aka MBD) sang it. It’s gorgeous – wanna know the words?
“B’sha’ah sheMelech HaMoshiach bo, omeid al gag Bais Hamikdash, v’hu mashmiah l’Yisroel, v’omer – ‘anovim, anovim, higiah z’man geulaschem, v’im ain atem ma’aminim, r’eu b’ori shezoreiach!'” In other words “in the time that Moshiach, the king, will come, he’ll be standing on the roof of the Bais Hamikdosh, and telling the Jewish people – ‘humble ones, the time of your redemption has come. If you don’t believe it, behold my shining light!'”
Isn’t that amazing? I love it. It’s basically about the time when Moshiach (the Messiah) will come and the Jews will be gathered in from exile to our Land, Eretz Yisroel… it’s on Yossi Green’s album, The 8th Note. It’s song #2.
Anyway, enough of my music obsessions.
I’m leaving tomorrow morning for the Staff & EB Shabbaton, and I am sooo excited! Anyway, gotta go babysit my neighbor’s adorable kids…
Have a great day!