Hi there!
I want to give a shout-out to the EDBoard 2012! We started the Summer Issue just a few weeks ago and the articles are coming in already. We hope to get this issue out right on schedule!

I’m going to tell you a bit about the way we put out each issue (overly simplified, of course). First, Leah, Rebecca, Tali, Lena and I chat online and plan out the issue. Then Rebecca assigns articles to the writers and the craft page, fun page, and recipe ppl start working. At the same time, Tali collects the submissions and decides which ones to use for the issue. For each issue, she looks for “Yaldah Mailbox” letters, discussion topic submissions, poetry, answers for ‘Just Ask,’ questions for future “Just Ask”s, questions for MyQuestion, questions for Q&A, as well as artwork and photographs.

Next, Lena and Tali edit things, while the illustrators and photographers start working their magic. After all that, the magazine starts being designed! Watch last week’s “Weekly Yaldah Minute” to see a bit about how the magazine is designed!


P.S. Did you see Leah’s tweet? “Yay! Just sent the Spring issue to proofreading and Rabbinical Advisory Board! That means it’ll go to print this week!”