WOW! A JGU Magazine!

ENVISIONING, Planning, then Mapping, Goals then Timelines, missing then meeting Deadlines, more Visualization and Execution and a thousand small and big Revisions….hours and hours of work [and, the truth is, sometimes making it up along the way!]…

But look what was created!

We wanted to create a magazine to offer voice to our Jewish daughters, with insights from Jewish women who are mentors; infused with creativity and of course love! We want to offer inspired Jewish content for your Shabbat and Chaggim reading pleasure. This magazine will become a guide for Jewish girls to grow as leaders in their homes, communities and schools.

This magazine is just a sample of what’s to come.

We hope that you will help us grow this online magazine and then, of course, share it with your friends and family. While it’s a beautiful full-color magazine, you might want to print it out in black and white to save your ink so you can have a copy to read and re-read!

If you are motivated to share your light with Jewish girls around the globe, please submit your writing, artwork or songs for review for the next issue which will come out in February, 2018! Send to:
NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed, but are not accepted for publication.


We hope you enjoy reading the magazine over the Holidays and will consider sharing your light with the JGU community!

With blessings for 5778,
Nechama Laber