Dedicated to Susan Axelrod, JGU Global Strategic Consultant for sharing your wisdom with the girls at JGR 5775 and for your workshop on how WORDS MATTER.

Words are like war

Arrows and swords through hearts

Daggers that soar

And cut a heart in parts


Words are like war

They are much more

They hurt and sting forever

Even at the last endeavor


Words are like war

When you hear them you fear

You hide before

You show them a tear


Words are like war

They hit your core

They affect you a lot

Even at the very last shot


Words are wonderful

You feel so amazing

They make you cheerful

While you are gazing


Words are wonderful

Like a waterfall

They make you happy

They make you sappy


Words are wonderful

They are someone’s praise

They are natural

They are the cause of amaze


Words are wonderful

When people are thoughtful

You feel so glad

That you weren’t sad


Words are what you want them to be

They can make you happy

They can make you sad

They can make you mad

They can make you glad


Words are what you want them to be

They can make you feel hurt

They can make you want to exert

That is why words have an impact

So watch what you say

That’s a fact!