On the cold winter days when you want to try to warm up, you can use fleece or flannel  to warm up. You can make many things out of each one. But you want to make sure you use the one that is best for you or what you want to make. Both will keep you warm, but one might not be best.

Fleece is very warm. You can make a blanket, scarf, a skirt, a turtle neck-the possibilities are endless. Fleece is warmer than flannel. What makes fleece awesome is that it doesn’t ravel. So, if you are in a hurry, there are many projects you can make either that require a little sewing or none at all. Also, its thicker, so if you are new to sewing it hides a lot of mistakes. The disadvantage is that it is thicker, so its harder to move in if its very cold.

Flannel is also warm. You can make many of the same things with flannel that you can with fleece. The advantages are  that it isn’t quite as warm, but it is warm and it is also thinner than fleece so it is easier to move around in. The disadvantages are that it ravels so you need to sew those annoying extra seams to keep it from raveling and if you want to make it warmer, you need to line it which can be difficult.

I often prefer to use fleece because it is a lot softer and it doesn’t ravel.