Greetings, friends!  Happy Hanukkah/Chag Sameach/Freilechen Chanukah!  Welcome to a unique character quiz, just in time for the holiday: “Which Chanukah Hero Are You?”  Keep track of your answers, and when you receive your results, please share in the comments who you’ve discovered you are!  Good luck, and continue your noble work of fighting the night with light!


1. Your country’s governing power rules antithetically to the nation’s ideals.  Also quite terribly, they are targeting groups of faith, trying to force them to negate their religious observance… with a particular scrutiny of Jews.  What do you do?
a. You ‘suffer’ with it, but you remain solid in your belief that things will change for the better, that this too is for the ultimate good, and that G-d is Supreme over everyone and everything; He acts with righteousness and will mete out justice.  You do your little part…and then it’s all up to G-d.
b. You convene multiple groups in an impassioned protest outside of Congress, even though you know security will give you trouble.  You’re angered by the corruption and oppression; heated to take action and enforce positive change, whatever the cost, NOW.  You’re virtually prepared to fight to the death for the preservation of your values.
c. You prepare an eloquent speech and make your finest appearance, to go yourself and speak diplomatically before Congress.  You conciliate and persuade those assembled with charisma and intelligence to accept your beliefs and support your vision for independence.
d. You are fired up like ‘b.‘  You catalyze the battle, personally joining the efforts as you are able, but the majority of the battle is fought by others; eventually, you must surrender your battle to those who come after you.  You’ve created a legacy, and have sown seeds of hope and determination… but it rests in the hands of others to ultimately fulfill your vision.
2. Which of these occupations would suit you best?
a. Social worker
b. Soldier/army officer
c. Secret agent
d. Motivational speaker

3. Your friend is miserable; and you are experiencing a lot of trouble, too.  She just lost her beloved husband to cancer (may G-d protect us); and there is a terrible crisis of financial ruin in your own family.  What are you going to do to help her?
a.  Although agonizing over your own family’s situation, and allowing yourself to feel it, you pray for her and stay faithfully by her side as quiet, comforting presence.  You are a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen… sometimes what a mourner needs the most.
b. You go out of your way to help your friend, to take care of her practical and spiritual needs in this incredibly difficult time; you ensure you are there for her personally, but are also thinking big, organizing local rotations to provide meals, check in on her, make a minyan during Shivah and recite Kaddish, etc.  You are even inspired to help establish a grassroots organization for the support and comfort of widows, so that others too may benefit.  You forbid yourself to become submerged in your own fears – you’re a warrior – and launch into positive action.  Performing this chessed, you find strength, your own grief resultingly melting away by the fire of purpose.
c. You’re a naturally outgoing person.  You bravely set aside your own pain, and you soothe your friend with charming solace, always with the right word at the right time.
d. You have a wise and parental way of advising, but you are mostly a dugmeh chaya (living example) for others – your distressed family as well those coming to comfort the mourner.  You are firm and resolute to not be controlled by your challenges, and persevere in faith.  Without invalidating the suffering of others, you gently remind them that they can rise above the pain, and they are subservient to none but a loving G-d Who has a purpose in bringing them here which you empower them to fulfill.
4. Which of these figuresin TaNaCH do you find most inspiring?
a. Avraham Avinu
b. Yehoshua
c. Yael
d. Dovid Hamelech
5. Which of these groups do you think forced the worst persecution on the Jews?
a. The Germans
b. The Romans
c. The Spanish
d. The Greeks
6. You have a day of spare time on your hands.  You want to do something useful or different – or maybe visit someone!  How will you spend this time?
a. You go and visit a Holocaust survivor in your neighborhood, and listen to their life stories.  They, their wisdom and values, and their miraculous stories of survival, are very precious to you.
b.  You go and volunteer at the nearby military post, given the chance.  You boldly venture out to help with odd jobs, and talk to the soldiers if possible.  You love the thrill of ‘being in the army’, but deeply appreciate the incredible responsibility and sacrifice of the soldiers… and the responsibility that you are given.
c. You are the artistic type, and enjoy spending the day at a creative club.  You are not afraid to try new things, and are very imaginative; you have an eye for detail, a gift with words, or a talent in acting.
d.  You write an influential essay, and plan for a chance to share it with others at a venue.
7. At a public convention, a certain individual rumored to be of anti-Semitic persuasion (and known to be highly critical of people of faith in general), approaches the Jewish delegation whom you are among.  As he addresses you, his aggression is rising to the point of threatening… How do you react?
a. Ignore his desire to get a rise out of you, even if he’s making you uncomfortable.  YOUR faith is set in stone.
b.  You are furious; he has no right to desecrate Hashem’s Name and honor!  Not caring what he or others might think, you heatedly respond in defense of Torah.  Also always prepared, and now concerned for yours and others’ safety, you rapidly strategize a defense or assault on the spot…just in case.

c. You are aware of the general rule to avoid mixing with bad people or arguing with a fool; but now, you maintain your composure and muster the courtesy to give a clear-cut, tactful response cutting off loopholes for further criticism (at least in this dialogue), catching him off-guard and defusing his ire.
d. Your actions and emotions would be a mix of all of these.

8. Which aspect of Chanukah do you find the most inspirational?
a. The heroes’ willingness to put their lives on the line for G-d, for Torah, and for their People
b. Miraculously overcoming the odds; Jewish survival (both physical and spiritual)
c. The integral role of Jewish women and their powerful influence in this formative chapter of our history
d. Sanctification of Hashem’s Holy Name in a time of great challenge, unholiness and darkness
Mostly a’s….

You are most like Chana the Martyr!

You are sensitive to suffering and your heart goes out in deep compassion to those in pain, thus making you an extraordinary help and support to others in their difficult times.  Sometimes your approach may be a more passive one, but this too is beautiful; and in our world of increasing speed and chaos, you serve as an example of how to listen and feel – with true empathy, and quiet strength.  You are graced with this tenderness, but also deep within you are armed with steely determination, to aid others and serve G-d fittingly and faithfully… even if it means subjecting yourself to discomfort at times, or missing out on certain pleasures.  Your faith and devotion are strong and cannot be easily broken; with self-sacrifice, you are willing to do the right thing even if the way there is painful.  Just keep in mind: When you dedicate so much of your life to others, don’t forget you must take the time and energy to take proper care of yourself, physically and spiritually, too!  Read Chana’s full story, here (reader discretion advised; verbal imagery, as this story is a sad one, is graphic and may be disturbing.  An adult may like to overlook or sit with younger children prior to reading.) 

Mostly b’s…
You are most like Yehudah the Maccabee!
You are a visionary with an iron resolve to actualize your goals, allowing nothing to stand in your way.  You have a fiery nature and are quick to anger when you see injustice and misconduct; but you fight to channel your impulse as passion to effect positive change – even if there might be opposition.  You are an innovative solution-finder and take action – even when it’s unconventional; you are a warrior of the underdogs – even when it might be unpopular.  You have a tendency to being outspoken, boldly expressing your beliefs and views – even when a few eyebrows may be raised.  When it comes to the degradation of Torah, Judaism, and G-d’s Name, you are provoked for their honor, becoming a heated defender and fierce hammer against the opposition.  Your confidence in G-d’s supremacy is strong – after all, “Maccabee” is an acronym of “Mi Kamocha B’keilim Ad-noi – Who is like You among the mighty, O G-d?” – and you are His fearless representative in this world.  Though your role is one of which you can – and must – be proud, remember not to become brazen, and the importance of respecting the standpoints of others, even if they may differ from yours.  Learn about Yehuda’s heroism, here.
Mostly c’s…
You are most like Yehudit of the Chashmonaim!
You carry yourself with grace, poise and quiet confidence; yet people don’t fail to notice your radiance, as you engage them with your warmth and wit.  You are unafraid to use your G-d-given talents for the greater good and benefit of others.  You may be an excellent student, speak eloquently and inspiringly, have an artistic eye, ear for music, flair for dance, or be a masterful hostess and homemaker.  You seamlessly unite modesty and style, tradition and modernity, without compromising your values.  When it comes to presenting your ideals to others, including others not quite receptive, you know how to speak their language and appeal to them in an articulate, persuasive way, inviting them to see how much good there is for them to accept here.  You’re a generous giver, and are eager to share what you have with others.  So remember, we need it more now than ever before!  Don’t shy away, thinking it is arrogant or  self-centered, or perhaps unimportant, for you to give full expression of your creativity, intellect and strengths.  Rather, harness the full potential of your gifts in this world, learn to find G-d within it all, and shine your inner light.  “In the merit of righteous women we will be redeemed from our Exile!”  Discover who Yehudit was, here.
Mostly d’s…
You are most like Matisyahu the Kohen!
You are a natural leader!  Whether the situation calls for you to be quiet or loud, gentle or fierce, you’re attuned to how to best approach things and achieve the desired results – always with your goal(s) in mind.  When chaos and negative influences are rampant, you are guided by your uncompromising values, and effectively inspire many others by way of your example; you’re also a skilled team-builder, passionately rallying others to your cause.  You have influence, but are humble, so people look up to you; and trusting your wisdom, many turn to you for advice.  Your voice is your greatest gift, encouraging, counselling and empowering people.  You rouse them with your speech to take responsibility for their Divine purpose, to heal and fix the part destined for them alone; to wake up from their hesitance or apathy, and DO SOMETHING about the problems in this world.  You are unafraid to go and spread your message out there, even if it’s sometimes unpopular; because you know if you take the first step, others will be sure to follow.  You tend to be thoughtful about how your words and actions impact others and the future; this is your legacy, and you try to imbue it with seeds of goodness and righteousness for those who come after you, something meaningful and lasting.  Your humility comes from recognizing all of your being is a constant gift from G-d, and He directed your footsteps to this exact place in time in order to fulfill His Intent – that you harness the opportunity and all your strengths to bring in more G-dliness and light… When you are fulfilling the Will of your Creator and the Creator of the Universe, and perpetuating His Holy Torah, then nothing can stand in your way!
Indefinite mix of a’s, b’s, c’s & d’s…

You… are the new Chanukah heroine of today, building upon the greatness of those who came before you, and trailblazing our future.  You’re an all-of-a-kind leader combining the strengths of others, while yet adding your own gifts, making for an inspiration that’s totally unique, and a tradition to pass down in an unbroken chain.  Always one step closer, you are creating the reality and fulfilling the mission your ancestors dreamed of and strove for.  Hold your lamp – or your Chanukiyah, or Menorah – high with pride, as you illuminate the way to tomorrow, when there will be world peace and knowledge of G-d, when there will be only Light, and when He will feel comfortable, delighted, to dwell and be revealed in this world – His cherished garden and sanctuary.