Where I Belong

I walked down the aisle to all the staring faces.  To the place where we will choose to spend the next three important years of our life.  To the place where we either stay with our people or split away from them.  To the place where, well you get idea.  But, to understand this we have to go back a little bit.

We were having a normal morning getting ready for school.  I started to walk to school with my brother.  I got to school and was walking to first class, when some popular people called my best friend Hannah over.  “Go ahead I’ll meet up with you later.” I said knowing they didn’t care for me much.

Throughout the school day I really couldn’t focus, because today is the day we decide our next three years.  The most important years of our life.  The next half of the school day we went through our classes, but one by one we had our names called out of the classroom.

When your name gets called you go somewhere and find out the suggested group/school we will go to for the next three years.  No one knows what happens because you’re not allowed to talk about it.

My name got called during history class.  I followed the person out of the room and into a very tiny room with mirrors all over.  

“Stand in front of the mirror the feels the most comfortable to you.”  She told me all flitty.  I closed my eyes and let my body drag me towards the mirror.  When I felt myself come to a stop I opened my eyes and saw my distorted reflection in the mirror I choose.  It was toward the back of the room.  The woman gasped.  What was she gasping about? I thought.  She pushed a button and all the mirrors flipped over with symbols I couldn’t understand on them except for the one I was standing at.  There was no symbol on the one I stood at.  At the sight of my confused face the woman started to explain.  When I walked towards the mirror with no symbol, it means I am a mix of many groups.  I want to be in Sportness, Bravesoul, and Troublemaker.  This is unusual, only few people are like this.  This was not good.

Back to the choosing place.

Cenia Finkleberry addressed the crowd.  

“We are gathered here today, to witness the people of our youth choose the start of their path to adulthood.  To watch these people choose to stay or leave their people and friends.  To see what they’re will make as their first adult decision.  With that we will start with the ceremony!”  I was one of the last people to choose.  I drank the water and stared at the giant glass bins.  Finally I walked over to the Bravesoul bin and spit. I walked to back of that section and waited for the rest of the ceremony to be over.  My former group glaring at me the entire time.

At the end of ceremony the Bravesouls went to the roof of the building and everyone attached themselves to a very then zipline.  This is madness, I thought.  Finally after everyone went one newbie named Malen attached herself and jumped.  I was next, I attached myself and jumped.  I felt the rush of wind in my face, my hair whipping behind me in the wind, and found myself screaming with joy!  Loving every second of it.  The zipline appeared to go into the ground and back out.  Finally, it landed on top of a mountain!  I finally felt free!  I was where I belonged.