What’s Your Color?

 by Deryn Susman, age 14, from MA

Girls love to shine in the summer. But sometimes they are unintentionally harming themselves through methods such as tanning. It may seem like an ordinary thing to do in the summer, but by doing so, girls expose themselves to harmful UV rays. This radiation can often be the cause of skin cancer and premature aging. Do not fret: there are other ways to have your skin looks its finest! It is all a matter of what colors are right for you.

The first step is to establish what “season” your are. Note your complexion, skin tone, eye and hair color and find which season best suits you:


You may have a pale face with pink undertones, or a light olive skin tone. Your lips are light pink, your hair is brown or dark blond, and your eyes are a dazzling gray, blue, dark brown, gray-green, or hazel? Purples, blues, and greens are your best bet. Try to avoid oranges and blacks.


If your skin is a coppery bronze, light or golden beige, ivory, or ruddy (red and pink undertones; usually with freckles), your hair honey blond, red, copper, golden or dark brown or black with some natural red highlights, your eyes a brown (darker shades with a hint of red), hazel (with brown near the pupil), pale-green, or teal… congratulations! You are an “autumn”! You look amazing in dark, earthy shades of oranges, browns, yellows, greens, and purples.


Do your skin and hair create a light-dark contrast? Do you have olive, dark, or very pale skin with dark brown or black hair? Are your eyes a striking ice-blue, turquoise blue, violet-blue, green, gray or black-brown? If so, you are a “winter”! You rock reds, blues, browns, purples, blacks, and dark yellows.


Do you have a peachy, milky, or beige skin color, hair shaded golden blond, strawberry blond, red, auburn or golden brown? You may also have deep blue, aqua, green, light brown, or light hazel eyes. Enjoy clothes in light shades of pinks, blues, purple, yellow and light green.

Don’t worry if your favorite color isn’t your perfect match. Experiment! Have fun and explore. Just remember there are other ways to have your skin looking great without harmful UV rays, phony spray tans, and painted faces. Use more natural colors to show the world how beautiful you truly are.