Shabbos candles have always meant a lot to me. After a week of going to school, working, playing, helping, and doing mitzvos, for generations, Jewish women and girls would light Shabbos candles and say the blessing. I have always thought that our lighting the candles just the way our Imahos did over a thousand years ago, is amazing.

After all the hustle and bustle of the week, we can purify ourselves for the holy Shabbos. Candle lighting is very holy and very spiritual to all, and for Jewish women, it has always held a special place in our hearts.

I was born on Chanukah, the festival of lights, and have always been inspired by the beauty of the bright lights and the spirituality of the blessings on our menorahs and Shabbos candles. I received a candlestick when I was three and was proud to light it with my mother. The next night I lit the menorah with my father. It was really cool. Since then I have enjoyed lighting candles on Shabbos and Yom Tov with my mother and sisters, like all the generations of Jewish women since Sarah Imeinu until Moshiach comes. May Moshiach come soon!


— Chana Naiditch, Age 11
Yeshiva Girls School Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, USA