Hello everyone! This week, I noticed something interesting about some of the lettuce in the planters… what do you think?   It’s getting taller!  That means we let it sit too long. We tried some.. note the bare stems in the middle. It has definitely gotten bitterer! I did some research and figured out that this is called bolting. This is what lettuce does when it’s getting ready to flower. Also, the flowers are edible! So, we will see how they taste.

Now, time for the kale recipe! It also uses garlic, so if you have some, use that too.

Fry a lot of kale (but don’t deep-fry.) Add 1 clove of garlic (mashed) and a pinch of salt. When some of the leaves start to look crispy, it’s done! We used this in egg and cheese quesadillas, but it’s also good plain. If you cooked them longer, they might start to turn into chips. Or you could try that in the oven. The kale on its own was so good, my dad had to tell us to stop eating it to save some for my mom and other siblings! If anyone tried this recipe, please comment.

Some pictures:


Note the kale poking out from the quesadilla!



Also, in the garden proper, we have some new additions- some Mother Hubbard squash! These are huge, light blue squashes that taste pretty good. (Just look it up on Google Images to see how big it is!) We got one from the farmer’s market last year, and my dad saved some seeds. They are sprouting… No pictures because, after the first four, pictures of baby sprouts tend to look the same. Next week, more about the garden… those plants are getting pretty big!