What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom brings a lot of things to mind. There is the freedom of getting out of school for summer vacation. True freedom is not that simple. A Jew in America is free – to do mitzvos (commandments) and serve Hashem (G-d). The religious freedom that is given to us should not be taken for granted since not that long ago we did not have this. Jews also have a country to call their own – Israel. There is a Jewish government there, and though there are dangers, people overcome and thrive in the Holy Land. But true freedom will come once Moshiach comes. Then we will be totally free to serve Hashem in the best way possible.

Tova, age 14, WI

Here’s an example: A fish needs water to survive and a tank to live in. Without the water, it would die, and without the tank, there would be nothing to hold the water. The same goes for Bnei Yisroel (the Jewish people). We are the fish who need water (Torah) to live. The tank is our restrictions. If one day that fish would decide that true freedom would only be found outside of its tank, and it jumped out, that fish would die. It needs the enclosure. If we take too many steps outside, we will discover that we aren’t finding what we want.

Naama Sara, age 13, CA

To me, true freedom is being able to do whatever you want and not being locked up in a cage!

Sivan, age 12, CA

To me, true freedom means the freedom to express your idea or opinion freely without someone stopping you from doing that.

Sarit, age 11, FL


I think that true freedom is not when you win a war or when you finish school, but when you overcome your Yetzer Hara (evil inclination).

Chana Shaina, age 12, OH


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