Up until now I have been wondering, “What do I have in common with Sarah Imeinu?”  But after looking deep into myself, I have finally found out how us Jewish girls can carry on Sarah Imeinu’s legacy.

1.)  Being on Shlichus: All I can tell you is that sometimes you can have a lot of people at your home on Shabbos.  There are sometimes kids and its your job to tell them about Yiddishkeit.

2.)  In Sarah Imeinu’s tent, there were Shabbos candles that stayed lit all week.  Just like Sarah Imeinu we can light Shabbos candles in our own homes and bring lots of light (just sadly they won’t last for a whole week).

3. )  Baking Challah:  Sarah had Challah in her tent and boy it must have been good!  And we can make Challah in our own homes and because we are all her great-grandchildren, and hopefully our Challah tastes the same. 

Thank you for reading, and hopefully Moshiach will come soon! 

—Binah Liba Zhornitsky, Age 11
Tzivos Hashem Vancouver
Richmond, BC, Canada