Hello again! Unfortunately, no one guessed the riddle in last week’s post challenging the readers to guess where the sculpture of the sulam Yaakov, the ladder of Jacob, is in Yerushalayim, so I’ll try to make it a little easier for you by giving you some choices:

A. The old city, near the Kosel Hama’aravi

B. In front of the Jerusalem Forest

C. Near the Knesset

D. In Givat Mordechai, parallel to Shachal street

Vote in the comments below! No cheating! I’ll include a picture and more information next week, after you vote.

So anyhoo (that isn’t a typo), what I’ve been doing recently to prepare myself for aliyah is typing in Hebrew. As my computer teacher says, every lesson for most of the class, we’ll be sorry in high school if we’re typing incorrectly, because we’ll have to relearn it, and there will be a lot of typing in high school.

Well, I have just been assigned an Ivrit essay/powerpoint presentation, and I typed it. It’s not due until the 18th, but it was so much fun I couldn’t resist, and so I finished it on Wednesday, I think. I had gotten an app for my computer that lets me type on the keyboard in Hebrew, and now I can type about ten words per minute. I hope I’ll get better! I plan on bringing in my violin to play for my classmates as part of it. I’m so excited! On my way home from school a few days ago, I told my friend that I couldn’t wait to do my Ivrit homework, and she said that was probably the first time anyone had ever said that. J

Finally, here is the “Joy of Aliyah” series by Jamie Geller.

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Have fun!