A woman looks ahead,
Tears glistening in her eyes,
Gives a whispering prayer
And bursts then into cries.

Why the misery? Why the sadness?
Tears trickling down her face,
Why the bloodshed, pain and sickness?
…The world’s an evil place.

Yet one more spark was there,
A fire burning low,
The davening it did hear;
In the dingy room it glowed.

The peaceful little flame
Bringing the Shabbos in
Listened to the quiet sobs
And yearned to do something.

But it was just a candle;
Its power, to bring light
To our soul in the hardest times,
To shine with all its might.

So as the woman wept and prayed,
The flame just grew and grew,
Crying out in its own way:
There’s so much good to do!

A wonderful warmth
And beautiful light
Soon lit up the whole house;
Tears dried up,
Peace regained,
The Blessings were recited
And the holiness remained.

“…Lehadlik Ner shel Shabbos Kodesh.”
Because what brings light, brings hope!

— Leah Myers, Age 12
Israeli Shluchim Online School
Bratislava, Slovakia