We learn about extraordinary team work from bees. Every bee in the hive does it’s part to produce honey. This song was composed by the Red Team – Team Unity during Color War 2015 at the Jewish Girls Retreat.

Uniforms on, ready to play

Bats in their hands, time for the day

Eyes on the coach waiting to start

But someone is missing, we can’t do our part.


A tire alone cannot go far

A wheel by itself, Is not the whole car

Each one on their own, Is not just a whole

But all put together, we’ll get to our goal


Achdus together, forever we’ll be

We’re never alone, we’re all one family

We’ll each bring our strengths, as we join as one

For Geulah, we need everyone

K’ish echad!


Each puzzle piece is different, yet the picture is one

Creating a unit to get the job done

They all fit together just like you and me

JGU one united family!