Hi there! I’m back from camp and really exited to get to work on more Yaldah related things! One of the major parts of  putting together Yaldah is that we need contributions from girls like you!

So here are 10 ways you can be published in Yaldah:

September issue-

Picture it!-This feature debuted in the June issue, and is one of my favorites. For the September issue, we are looking for illustrations or photographs of “THE MOST CREATIVE SUKKAH.” Illustrations can be silly, cute, artistic and super creative! Photographs can either be of a real sukkah or a sukkah you made (like out of food, lego, blocks, model magic or anything else you can think of). I’m looking forward to seeing great submissions!

October Issue-

Poets’ Corner-Poetry is a way to express what you feel, 

                          They can be funny, or serious, or tell a story so real. 

                           They can be written in rhyme if you so choose,

                          So submit today, you have nothing to lose!

Picture it!-For the October issue, we’re looking for your ideas of what would be the most useful back to school gadget. Dont forget to think out of the box!

Yaldah Mailbox-As always, you can send your comments to the Yaldah mailbox.

MyQuestion-Have a ? relating to something in Judaism? MyQuestion is the place to submit it.

Discussion Topic-Do you have an accomplishment of which you’re proud? Tell us about it in discussion topic!

Heart to Heart: You may have read “Heart to Heart” in the May and June issues. You can submit an anonymous essay about how you dealt with a trying situation or something you accomplished that was a challenge, whether emotionally or spiritually.

Q&A: Submit your questions!

Other submissions: You can also submit stories, recipes or crafts!

Article suggestions: Know someone who’s a real role model? Or someone who would be an interesting subject for an interview? Want to know “what’s it like…,” or have a topic for the discussion topic? If you have any article ideas, you can let us know by emailing submit@yaldah.com. 

You can send all these submissions and more to submit@yaldah.com.