I watch as my mother glides into the family room, dressed in a flowing white gown. Today she is an angel, in her Shabbos robe. My father has prepared the candlesticks for her. Ima strikes a match and, with delicate fingers, lets the wick and flame touch. Together they embrace, flickering along with the wind, along with the Shabbos music in the air. My mother sways back and forth, fervently whispering and praying for us. And with misty eyes, she looks up and wishes us a “Gut Shabbos.”

We light candles on Friday night, 

And this little spark makes the world bright,

As you close your eyes and say a  ברכה (blessing),

You thank ה׳ – Hashem for all your הצלחה (success).

You start lighting when you’re three,

And it reminds us of when we’ll be free.

When you light your first candle, 

You’re as happy as can be,

And will help us bring Moshiach speedily.

The Rebbe encouraged spreading light

Of Shabbos candles so bright, 

Do your part next Friday night

And light the Shabbos candles before twilight.

— Sara Cohen, Age 10
Illinois, USA