Finally! After much reading, deliberating, chatting, and finalizing… here it is…

Editorial Board 2010

Abigail Kasten, age 8, MA

Fashion Page:
Miriam Azizi, age 15, CA
Rachel Provance, age 13, CA

Liba Rimler, age 11, PA
Yakira Zuroff, age 13, OH

Hannah Cohen, age 11, FL
Julia Ganchrow, age 13, NY
Mushkie Loewenthal, age 11, Denmark
Leah Turner, age 13, Israel

Fun Pages:
Yehudis Rosenberg, age 10, NY
Sarah Saltzman, age 12, WI

Devora Frank, age 13, NY

Tova Appel, age 11, WI
Rebecca Berlin, age 14, MI
Chaya Bockian, age 13, IL
Yehudis Davidson, age 11, PA
Meira Goldberg, age 14, NJ
Anne Prusky, age 13, PA
Naama Sara Shmagin, age 10, CA
Tali Trencher, age 11, CT
Chaya Wolff, age 13, MA

Read more about the new Editorial Board members in the Spring 2010 issue!

Mazel Tov to our new board members!!

Everybody else: thank you so much for applying! We wish we could put everybody on the board! I hope you’ll try again next year!

Anyway… I realized that I forgot one of my traditions – what I’m listening to! Yaakov Shwekey’s Vehi She’omdo, sang on Kumzing by Dovid Gabay. It’s a gorgeous song!

So I think I’ll head off to finish sending the board their preliminary welcome emails!

Have a great night :)