to announce YALDAH’s seventh annual Editorial Board!

Editorial Board 2011

under the leadership of our very talented

longtime board member, YALDAH’s new
Editorial Board Coordinator:
Rebecca Berlin!!

Rachael Hannah Tahir, age 9, CA

Fashion Page:
Baila Finkelstein, age 15, NY

Yehudis Keller, age 13, NY
Leia Resnick, age 10, MA

Zissie Ciment, age 9, AR
Rivka Rapoport, age 11, WA
Leah Turner, age 14, Israel

Fun Pages:
Malka Bettoun, age 13, PA
Sami Smukler, age 11, FL

Miriam Chava Kramer, age 15, MA

Leora Alcheck, age 12, CA
Hannah Busis, age 15, PA
Meira Goldberg, age 15, NJ
Tamar Lilienthal, age 10, FL
Beatrice O’Campo, age 11, OR
Anne Prusky, age 14, PA
Aliza Schoenberg, age 11, MA
Naama Sara Shmagin, age 11,CA
Frayde Trachtman, age 13, WA

Read more about the new Editorial Board members in the Spring 2011 issue!

Mazel Tov to our new board members!!

Everybody else: thank you so much for applying! We wish we could put everybody on the board! I hope you’ll try again next year! In the meantime, we are ALWAYS looking for submissions of ALL different types! Go to to submit!!

P.S. listening to Yaakov Shwekey singing Tatte (English) on L’shem Shamayim.